Artists’ Opportunities

As a community of artists we aim to alert our members to opportunities to exhibit and sell your works in a variety of venues and markets.   Members can group together to take on responsibility for running the markets, such as North End Road and the Parsons Green Fair (1st July 2017).

We regularly exhibit at the Lilyville Surgery, in 6 week slots, changing over on the Friday  between 1 – 2pm.   It is a great opportunity to hang 12+ paintings plus one in the Library and see if you can boost interest and sales.   This is now fully booked until January 2018, but if you would like to take a slot for next year, please email:

North End Road Open Markets:

The council are increasingly setting the North End Road into a free from traffic zone on quarterly days throughout the year:  March,  June, September & December.  (We are awaiting confirmation of dates).   We ask our Scholars to help organise and run what can be a double stall with awning under SoFAP’s banner.   This is ideal for smaller artworks at less than £100, cards, and other little items.  Christmas is the best turnout where 10,000 people come along.   To make it work we need at least 6 members, and you have to be there to look after the stall – as this is a team effort.  If you are interested, please contact Astrella Mullen by email.

Parson Green Fair – 1st July 2017

Another opportunity for members who are interested to join forces, take advantage of SoFAP’s awning, and create a stall usually in the wonderful sunshine in July.   This is a buzzy event, and similar to the NER market is idea for small, good value art works, ceramics and cards.   If you are interested please contact Patricia Watson by email no later than 20th May, 2017

Posk Gallery in the Polish Centre (238-246 King Street W60RF),  0208 742 6430, could be a good venue for a solo or combined exhibition.

If you know of other venues and markets, please send details to any committee member so we can share the details for everyone.