How to use Social Media to help you build your profile, and hopefully sales.

Rowena Vaughan (Membership Committee member) gave an insightful and absorbing presentation on how painters can best use social media to advertise their work.   She started with an overview of all the different types of social media and a brief outline of the purpose and audience reach of each one with particular reference to:   Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram and Pinterest.   After the overview we all either went back to our current Twitter accounts, or had a go at setting them up (Note:  we need to bring details of our passwords for the next workshop so’s we can log into the various aps we need!).

It was clear we needed more time, but here are some key pointers:

  • Twitter is best for reaching those you do know as well as others who chose to follow you.
  • This also allows you to follow other individuals and groups of special interest to you and your market place
  • When setting up your profile do include a photo of you (don’t leave the egg image up there!) create your user name, which can be tricky if the obvious one has been taken, e.g. @patriciawatson has gone, so I am @patriciaywatson, and decide if this is business or personal account;
  • Use @name to contact specific people;
  • Etiquette says: do thank new followers, do re-tweet, or like tweets,  check out Janet Weight-Reed – she’s a master at this!
  • A tweet is 140 characters long, (use @sofap1 so that your tweet gets retweeted by us), include images, e.g. your latest work, exhibition, plein air, etc.;
  • Aim to link your twitter account to your website, if you have one, or to the which is easier than going through the effort (and expense) of setting up your own website!! J
  • use # hashtags as a subject leader, e.g. #artbytheriver; #artsociety, and links to other interesting websites, as it then gets picked up by others.
  • Top tips include: tweet about anything, interact with others,  use pictures,  post tips and advice and finally share other people’s tweets, tips and info

As a result of the success of this session we will put on a series of short sessions at the All Saints Church Hall: more info to come. 

Written up by Patricia Watson

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