Exhibitions & Sales: 2018

SoFAP exhibits for sale a selection of work by member artists (2D and 3D) twice a year at the Fulham Library (598 Fulham Road, SW6 5NX) for six days. The next exhibitions will be on 15th – 20th May, and 13th – 18th November, 2018.  On the evening before every exhibition we hold a Private View so all exhibitors and members of SoFAP can invite friends, potential buyers and the press. Our guest speakers have included: Greg Hands (MP), Hazel Soan (artist), Thomas Plunkett and many other illustrious patrons of the arts.

We also offer corporate patrons a Private View event, so that they can host their clients and contacts in the charming environment of our Exhibition & Sale.

We actively invite the public to come to the Exhibition & Sale and we rely upon members to help promote the event too to ensure we have as many visitors and buyers as possible. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to view but also to purchase original two- and three-dimensional works of art.

From September 2017,  we have become members of Own Art, a scheme to make an interest-free loan available to those purchasing any artwork at one of our exhibitions, priced from £100 – £2,500, spread over a 10-month period.  For more information please contact: patricia@patriciawatson.co.uk

Next exhibition

15-20 May 2018

Information for exhibitors

Please note that only paid-up members are eligible to exhibit.

Entry forms must be submitted, with payment, by 4th May 2018. All the information you need can be found on the Information Sheet. Please note that the Word versions of the forms can be filled out on your computer, whereas the PDF versions must be completed by hand.

Entry forms and information can be accessed here, in both Word and PDF formats:

May 2018 Information Sheet (Word)
May 2018 Information Sheet PDF
May 2018 Entry Form (Word)
May 2018 Entry Form PDF
May 2018 Card Entry Form (Word)
May 2018 Entry Form PDF
May 2018 stewarding form (Word)
May 2018 stewarding form PDF
Labels Template (Word)
Labels Template PDF)

If you have any difficulties downloading these, contact either Mary Ashby (marywashby@aol.com) or Sandra Smith-Gordon (sandra@smithgordon.com).

To download a copy of the flyer, click here.

For the back of the flyer, with exhibition location and opening times: click here

Past exhibitions

Autumn Exhibition 14 – 20 November 2017:

Guests at the Private View

The Preview evening on 13 November was a great success. It has become a social event where members meet up with family and friends to discuss and enjoy the works on show with a glass of wine in hand. Artists have come and gone over the years, but the standard of work has remained consistently high and the Preview evenings always have that buzz about them. This year was no exception.

Patricia Watson welcomed everyone and gave a rousing speechencouraging all present to buy, explaining that they could, for the first time, use OwnArt to purchase items priced at over £100.

This year the exhibition was opened by Melissa Scott Miller, who specialises in urban landscapes and is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She stressed how valuable it is for local communities to have art societies such as ours.

Summer Exhibition: 5 – 11 June 2017 

Despite the recent Borough market attack, and the anticipation of a General Election, the June SoFAP exhibition managed to open with a warming hum, and this progressed onward into an excellent evening of festivity as well as art appreciation. Once everyone had arrived our Chairman Patricia Watson took to the platform with her introductory speech, adding her cheery disposition to the event. Then the exhibition was opened by the celebrated artist Adebanji Alade, who has contributed so greatly to this society with his tutoring and with his positive enthusiasm. Adebanji’s speech acknowledged the recent tragedies with respect, but most importantly he concentrated on his relationship with SoFAP, which he told us ‘like the society itself, keeps getting better and better’.

From the moment the doors opened at the Library hall the exhibition filled up, and pretty quickly too; then red dots began appearing – noticeably on the pottery selection in the centre of the room, which was going … going … gone! in no time at all. Well done to the potters!There was also a magnificent array of very stunning sculpture to be admired this June, positioned temptingly at the head of the room where people gathered in admiration. The surrounding walls were perhaps not quite as crammed with artwork as has been the case in the past, but this had its benefits.

The work that was on show this June was of the very highest standard, and much easier to enjoy as a result. Nevertheless each work still jostled for attention, brilliantly arranged by our curators and hung by the volunteers. A big thank you to them all for their hard work in placing each piece to its best advantage, making an amazing array of stunning art well worth visiting and browsing over carefully. The tutors’ wall added an extra professional element from those who had taught at the various workshops, which have been such a benefit to our members. A number of works in the exhibition were produced in these sessions, and the results speak for themselves – in particular I mention those produced under the guiding hand of Adebanji who opened the exhibition. With the room filled to brimming, standing back to appreciate the work was perhaps a little difficult, but this meant that a return visit was definitely going to be a good plan, and so many came back during the week in order to appreciate everything individually.

Circle Wines were running the bar as usual and the wine flowed with their delicious selection of white, red and rosé provided by Sarah Harrison with committee member Rowena Vaughan as her helping hand. This kept the party atmosphere flowing in good spirit. Altogether another successful event proving that the SoFAP members are an enthusiastic bunch of talented artists.

Report by Izzy Hutchison