Scarlet Lilies, Framed 17 in x 15 in, £135

Calla lilies, Watercolour, Framed 13 in x17in, £ 150

Tropical Abstract, 40 x 35 cm, Acrylic on Board, Framed, Sold

Landscape, Oil on canvas, Unframed 100cm x 100cm, POA

Cornish Beach, Oil On Canvas, 20 x 20 in, POA

Harry, Oil Unframed, 36 x 24inches, Price for similar £3,800

FLOURISH, Screenprint framed, 38x48cms, £250

The Shower, Oil Framed, 30 x 20inches, £950

Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky, Acrylic on box canvas, 60 x 60cm, Unframed, POA

Church at Night, oil painting, framed, 50 x 41cm, £300

Agaga in Pink, Oil Unframed, 12 x 16inches, Price for similar £850

Magnolia blossom, Watercolour, Framed 18 in x 14 in

Red Chairs, 28 x 33 cm, Mixed Media, Framed, Sold

ON THE LINE, Mixed media monoprint, framed size 35x45cms, £425 SOLD

St Ives Beach, Oil On Board 12 x 16 in, Sold

Gwen in Green Stockings, Oil on Acrylic Base, 56 x 38 cm Framed, POA

Grapefruit, 30.5 x 25.4 cm, Oil on board, £95

Bumble, Watercolour, 30 x 25cm, POA

Acrobats lino cut, framed, 46 x 55 cm, £190

A Drying Problem, Framed, 10 x 12inches, £360

Still Life Fish, Oil On Board 12 x 9.5, POA

Haley 1, gold crayon, 62 x 46 cm, £200 unframed

Polpero Harbour, Oil On Board 20 x 20 in, Sold

Sheep in the Snow, Watercolour, 30 x 30cm, POA

Cotswold Hamlet, ink & watercolour, framed, 44 x 52cm

African Head, painted wood, 40 x 15cm, mounted, £300

The Cream House, Oil, Framed, 20 x 25 cms Sold

Croatian Beach, Oil, Framed, 12 x 16inches, £460

Colourful Market, 47cm x 38cm, Mixed Media, Sold

Picnic on the Beach, Oil, 20 x 30inch, £600