Bishop’s Park, Tuesday 4th September, 2018


We have often set up our easels at Fulham Palace but have rarely explored the area to the north, Bishop’s Park, a well maintained area of lawns, trees and playgrounds leading all the way up to the football stadium.  I  managed to scout out the area before setting off on a travel adventure and Philippa Seebohm, an excellent artist and the most stalwart member our our plein air group, kindly agreed to take over and run the day.

The painters and sketchers met, as planned, at the Bishop’s Garden Teahouse for a perky coffee and a chat about plans for the day.  Luckily it was a glorious late summer corker.  Lots of brilliant sunshine and a hint of autumn colours.  Paddy was a big help as he had also  done a recce and could recommend some ideal spots, backed up with photographs on his phone.

The North end of the park seemed to offer the best opportunities with some attractive water scenes and a the odd splash of colour amongst all the green.  In fact, with the fountain, the little island statue and the lawns, it was quite difficult to make a choice.

This was a skilful group of experienced plein air painters and the resulting work was wonderfully enterprising. Thank you Philippa for taking the lead!


Lesley Dabson

Philippa Seebohm

Kathy Barker

Zohreh Paykani

Zohreh Paykani

Paddy Crabbe



Martin Burrough

Paddy Crabbe


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