Colin Merrin RWS: A Unique Vision – Painting Workshop

Wednesday 17th May,



Colin began by explaining how representation can become abstraction through one’s connection to the subject being painted, creating a feeling of the view by having fun with marks and gestures.  The result needs to be a painting like ‘me’, rather than someone else.

To loosen up we did a series of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and a few minutes of line drawing, looking only at the person, not the paper.  Some of us found this liberating, whilst for others it was inhibiting.  We then sketched for a while to find a subject we could develop as a painting.  He suggested we choose four colours plus white and black and use either a palette knife or large brush to paint big shapes, omitting details.  He was extremely attentive to each individual’s styles, helping us to both push boundaries and be radical.

Colin’s advice sometimes took us out of our comfort zones, but we all agreed how surprised we were at the final results which were varied and innovative.  It was certainly an inspiring workshop!

Report by Katrina Rose

About Colin:

Originally from East London, Colin has lived and worked in Lewes, East Sussex, Brighton and now Southsea, Hampshire since 2007. An established landscape painter, for the past few years, he has focused largely on the South Downs, the New Forest, as well as the south coast. His work does, however, include paintings made from travels elsewhere in Britain, most notably Cornwall, the Derbyshire Peaks, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. He is also a prolific painter of the urban landscape.

Colin works mainly in oils, but is an award winning watercolour painter, elected to the Royal Watercolour Society in 2009. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in the UK, Europe and the Middle East and has work in many collections including the royal collection and the British Museum.

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