Kathy Barker: fun with Acrylics for Beginners: Wednesday 12th September, 2018


This was another amazing workshop with Kathy Barker. It was an intense day with no time to waste, but it was well worth it. Kathy makes

Annabelle Painter’s work in black and white

painting look so easy, even the most challenging techniques.


In the morning we had to paint a landscape in black and white acrylic and glaze it in colour. Kathy demonstrated the technique by painting a boat on a lake in black and white, explaining the advantages of this technique.

We then all got very much into it; nobody was interested in coffee breaks or lunch and the results were amazing. All our black and white landscapes

Annabelle’s work after glazing

suddenly came to life after the glazing. The effect of colour was achieved by mixing a small amount of acrylic paint into a satin glazing liquid, which did not cover up the tonal underpainting. It showed us the importance of concentrating on the light and shade instead of trying to find the perfect colour, and it was very gratifying.


Vanessa Scholfield’s work with palette knife

In the afternoon, Kathy showed us how to paint with a palette knife, using an extender (a heavy semi-gloss gel, which reduced the amount of pigment needed to cover the canvas). Several people were not familiar with the palette knife technique but it didn’t matter. Under Kathy’s supervision, we all produced interesting works and we all felt that we achieved something.

Lally St Maur’s work with palette knife


We finished with a quick get-together for Kathy’s feedback which was very positive and encouraging. The day was creative and fun, and I am really looking forward to her next workshop.


Alex Wheeler’s work with palette knife

Report by Anne Barclay

Yueh Yin Taffs’ waterfall

Anne Barclay’s glazed landscape

Moira Thompson’s glazed landscape

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