Life Drawing with Kathy Barker

This was such a good workshop!   The subject was Life Drawing and we were asked to take charcoal, soft pastels and coloured paper. 

Kathy started us off with ‘scribbling’.  She gave a demonstration – not ‘how to’ but showing us a way of approaching the task of drawing the model, with a soft pencil, in a scribbly way to loosen us up and get us to look at shapes rather than outlines.  Once we had started she gave us all much individual attention peppered with encouragement and sound advice as how to improve that particular drawing: little suggestions that were helpful and achievable.  At the end she guided us through looking at each other’s work, commentating on the good bits and helping us to learn from each other. The same method was used for the following tasks too.


The next task was to look at negative spaces using charcoal: drawing around the image of the model so that she


was a white silhouette on a black background.  This was really hard but helped us to look at our work from a different perspective.


The third morning task was drawing with charcoal on coloured paper and using white for the lightest tones.  Again Kathy showed us a way and helped and encouraged us through the task and with a joint review.

In the afternoon we ventured into using soft pastels which I felt very unsure about as I had used them rarely.  In this friendly and helpful workshop everyone succeeded in producing creditable drawings due to good teaching, an excellent model, and helping each other with lending and sharing equipment and materials.

A final review of all our work left us feeling uplifted and that we had spent a very useful day.  Thank you Kathy and model, Sue.

Report by Sandra Smith-Gordon

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