Painting with a Palette Knife with Hazel Soan – 21st March 2018

This was a very inspiring workshop using a palette knife. Hazel explained how using a palette knife with limited colours makes the paint easier to control and keeps the colours fresh and clean. It also means you do not have to keep cleaning brushes and using turps and oils. Hazel started a demonstration of a sunset scene using a film of acrylic paint as staining colours. She worked on a white canvas. Her choice of colours were yellow, blue and black. No red was used throughout the painting. This under painting was then left to dry.

Maud Logan

For the second stage with oils Hazel used both zinc and titanium white, Indian yellow, yellow ochre, French ultramarine and ivory black. She used pale colours to start with , pale blue and pale yellow applied with her palette knife using a layer and scape technique. Yellow ochre was a dark tone, she then mixed an even darker tone using yellow ochre and ultramarine. Suddenly the sunset started to emerge in atmospheric perspective. The dark black was finally applied adding drama to the scene. No turps or oils were used throughout the demonstration.

Roselyn Ferdinand

Hazel’s enthusiasm was infectious and we were all soon totally absorbed painting with palette knives. Hazel was very encouraging giving us all individual advice. We finally put our paintings together. Wow! Such a bright colourful display.

We are all so pleased to discover a clean way of working with oils. It will make painting plein air so much easier. We hope that Hazel will be back to inspire us soon again.

Rod Cargill

Jacqueline Faure

Report by Patricia Burbidge

Patricia Burbidge

Katrina Rose

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