Animal Drawing & Painting, with Izzy Hutchison, Wednesday, 17th October, ’18

Animal Drawing & Painting Workshop

Wednesday 17th October 2018 

Fifteen artists rocked up at Ranelagh Sailing Club for Izzy’s workshop on animals.


Conveniently the tide was on its way out so free parking was available on the hard opposite.


Over a cup of coffee and some delicious biscuits supplied by super-efficient Chairman (who cares about being PC) Patricia, Izzy set out the programme for the day and before we knew it we were all doing quick sketches from photographs to loosen up.  Izzy had brought a selection of some very exotic animals as well as domestic (not the real thing you understand).  We then moved on to do some more considered drawings, mostly using charcoal (the nearest medium to paint).

Before beginning a final piece Izzy gave several demonstrations using various mediums such as pastel and oils, applying the mediums with a variety of tools:  feathers, sticks, cotton wool buds etc.  All most effective. She also gave a few examples of how to get the perspective correct.   And we were shown how to upsize using a graph.

The day flew by with only a brief stop for lunch and by 3.30 most of us had produced a good number of drawings and at least one painting.  The majority of the group were unfamiliar with animal painting and the standard of work produced was astoundingly professional.  In fact Izzy did remark very kindly and flatteringly that she wasn’t sure what we were all doing there.  But I say, take a bow Izzy.


Report by Geraldine Higson 


Isabel Hutchison is a self-taught artist who was born in Hertfordshire.  As a painter Isabel’s professional life began when after an eight-year career in Interior Design she decided to move into something offering a little more scope for her creative skills. In this respect having travelled overseas to Australia for a short spell, she found herself painting murals for a number of people in Sydney.  Thus the newly transformed artist on her return home brought with her a portfolio of achievement, together with a degree of enthusiasm and experience to continue in the same vein.


Back home in London contacts within the Interior Design profession proved useful, offering Isabel a platform off which to launch herself through further commissions to paint trompe d’oeil, murals and other similar assignments.  This was a means whereby to establish a more formal art career, and would eventually lead to her setting up a studio in her home in Fulham where for some of the time she lives and paints today. With the addition of short courses at Chelsea Art School in life drawing and painting, her career became established, and she was then able to take things forward as an easel painter and a painter of animals and other portraits.


Isabel was a member of the Hesketh Hubbard art society at the Mall Galleries for many years, through which her ability to depict the human face and form became used in a number of publications by Harper & Collins on how to draw. On joining the Artichoke Printworks; an open access print studio in the East London, she developed her ability as a competent etcher and printmaker.  Her work has featured in several printmaking publications:  The Instant Printmaker by Collins & Brown and more recently in two separate publications by Mascot Media:  The Elegant Fowl and Suffolk Jewels.   She is also known for illustrations in The Benjamin Franklin Cookbook by Hilaire Dubourcq, and has had her work published by card companies.


Isabel began drawing and painting African wildlife after living in South Africa during the ‘90’s, when she became inspired after a rather ‘hair-raising’ encounter with a large bull elephant in Kruger National Park.  The beauty and majesty of the animal seen close up was impossible for the artist to ignore, and since then she has created a wide range of sketches, paintings and etchings of African animals.  In graduating away from the South African national park on to the more serious and wilder savannah of Kenya, it was provident that a number of years later she would meet her current partner, a Kenyan born bush pilot with a love for animals.  They share a home together in Hampshire for part of the week with their two cats, and are regular visitors to the East African game parks, which enables Isabel to continue creating her wildlife work.


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